The energy drink from the Amazon Rainforest

 Guayusa is an ancient plant revered by natives for centuries as a sacred treasure due to its amazing health benefits. Guayusa is packed with natural nootropics, antioxidants, essential amino acids, vitamins, and natural caffeine, which have been scientifically proven to boost energy levels, increase mental focus, and support your overall well-being!

WHOLESALE superfoods

Samay is an authorized exporter and wholesaler of unique, organic superfoods brought directly from the heart of the Amazon to you. We work in close partnership with indigenous communities in Ecuador who have been cultivating these superfoods for centuries using traditional methods passed down through generations. Join us on our journey and discover Samay’s superfoods!


a conscious brand

Samay is more than just a brand; it’s a movement and a mindset towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. The philosophy of Samay is grounded in a deep reverence for nature and the native communities that work in harmony and balance with Mother Earth. The goal of Samay is to promote conscious eating, mindful living, the protection of the environment, and giving back to the farming communities that dedicate their lives to nourishing us all.

Food for healing

Your body holds the potential to heal and thrive naturally. What you choose to consume can hinder or support your health and well-being.

The Sacred Super Leaf of the Amazon

A natural and powerful source of energy

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