about guayusa

Ancient natives from the amazon consume it daily to reduce physical and mental fatigue, boost mental acuity and combat stress. Its consumption generates a state of tranquility and pleasure.
They also believed that Guayusa had the power to heal the sick, increase happiness, and detoxify the body. Over time, drinking Guayusa leaves you with a feeling of “Runa,” the Kichwa word for being “fullyalive.”

The evergreen, holly-leafed tree originates and almost exclusively grows in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest. About 98 percent of the world’s guayusa is grown in Ecuador, in an area of the upper Amazon close to the Andes Mountains.

Harvesting guayusa actually helps to reforest the Amazon; more trees are planted as demand for the guayusa leaf increases.

An agricultural system that targets market-oriented crops to earn monetary income for Kichwa families who are part of the community.
Guayusa is grown in unique “forest gardens” tended by kichwan farmers families.

It has a positive impact for the economy of the Ecuadorian Amazon Region


Benefit 1

It contains 50% more anti-oxidants than green tea, almost as much caffeine as coffee, as well as vitamins and minerals not found in other teas.

benefit 2

It contains chlorogenic acids, known for use for weight loss and heart health.

benefit 3

It contains a blend of theobromine (also found in dark chocolate), theophyline, vitamins C and D, essential minerals Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Chormium, and all 15 essential amino acids, including leucine.