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Why samay

Samay was born in 2020 with the purpose of connecting cultures and communities through socially conscious products with a soul that embody the history, identity and living traditions of its origins. Samay wants to honor the ancient wisdom of native farmers who dedicate their day-to-day lives to protect and care for Mother Nature. The indigenous communities that grow our products have inherited and passed down ancestral agricultural knowledge from generation to generation.

What does Samay mean?

In Quechua the word Samay has 3 powerful meanings: spirit, breath of life and rest.
Samay's philosophy is based on these three pillars.
Spirit: Living the spirit of nature through Samay means experiencing the essence of life from a deep connection with the earth and nature. It means enjoying foods that have been born with strength and energy in a bounty place and that have been cultivated with all the love and ancestral wisdom of small native farmers.
Breath of life: Mother nature provides us with foods that are source and breath of life. We also want Samay to be that breath of life that provides energy, vitality and well-being to your body, mind and soul so that you connect with your inner power.
Break: Give yourself the opportunity to take a break. Breathe and connect with the present moment when you enjoy Samay foods.

Our origins inspire us

I was born in the middle of the world, Ecuador, in the Andean mountain range, surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, next to rivers, seas and jungles. The variety of ecosystems and cultures that coexist in my country have shaped my vision of the world. This have sparkled my passion to understand diversity in all its forms and to see life from different perspectives. That is why I am inspired by the mission of connecting different cultures and communities, sharing my roots and a piece of Ecuador through products with a soul that promote social responsibility, sustainability and fair-trade chains. Samay is a project that was born from this vision and has the purpose of supporting and positively impacting indigenous communities of Ecuador and in turn promoting the well-being of consumers with natural foods that embody the energy and wisdom of nature.

Live the spirit of nature through Samay!

Michelle, Samay’s Founder