Samay is more than just a brand.
it's a mindset.
a vibe


a purpose driven brand

Our mission at Samay goes beyond providing natural, socially and environmentally responsible foods. We were born with the purpose of connecting cultures, communities, and individuals by sharing unique superfoods cultivated in the abundant and rich soil of the Amazon Rainforest’s heart in Ecuador. We aim to nourish not only the body but also the mind and soul through nature’s wisdom and energy. 

Our commitment doesn’t stop there. We hold a strong belief in supporting indigenous tribes who grow our products using sustainable farming practices passed down through generations. By creating a market for their products, we are contributing and empowering the Kichwa communities of the Amazon to continue their sacred work of protecting and caring for Mother Nature while also positively impacting their livelihoods.

Samay’s intention is to serve as a bridge for creating and expanding well-being, health, consciousness, gratitude, and union among the planet. Join us in our mission to connect and nourish the world!


We believe food is medicine

We believe in nurturing the essence

We believe in keeping things real, simple & natural

We believe in the abundance and love of Mother Nature

We believe that health is our great wealth

We believe in respecting the environment

We believe in gratitude

We believe in the balance of giving and receiving

We believe in being compassionate to all beings

We believe in supporting indigenous tribes that protect nature’s heart  

We believe in our communities

We believe in you

We believe we are one

We believe that all together, choice by choice we can create a better world

Samay means

Samay is an ancient Kichwan word with deep cultural and spiritual meanings. It represents spirit, breath of life, and rest. Each concept forms the basis of Samay’s philosophy which reflects a holistic approach to life.


Samay Foods offers a unique, holistic experience that connects you to the essence of Mother Nature. We believe in strengthening our bond with nature to maintain healthy and conscious living. Our products cultivate this connection, bringing awareness, purpose, and a sense of community between us and Mother Earth. Rediscover nature's beauty and spirit with Samay!"


Mother Nature has bestowed upon us an incredible bounty of wholesome foods. We, at Samay, are inspired by this gift and dedicated to harnessing this natural energy to empower your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Our aim is to be the breath of life, providing the invigorating force of the Earth to help you unlock your inner power and tap into the limitless potential within yourself.


At Samay, we understand the importance of carving out time for self-care and rest. By taking a break from the hustle of daily life, you can restore your balance and harmony. That's why we invite you to take a moment for yourself, clear your mind, and connect with the present moment while you savor our delicious and nourishing foods. Make Samay a part of your daily routine and give your body and soul the opportunity to recharge and thrive.

our origins inspire us

I was born in the middle of the world, in Ecuador, located in the Andean mountain range. I grew up surrounded by mountains, volcanoes, rivers, seas, and jungles. The variety of ecosystems and cultures that coexist in my country has shaped my vision. This has sparked my passion to understand diversity in all its forms and to see life from different perspectives. That is why I am inspired by the mission of connecting different cultures and communities. I hope to share my roots and a piece of Ecuador through products that promote social responsibility, sustainability, and fair-trade chains. Samay is a project that was born from this vision and has the purpose of supporting and positively impacting indigenous communities in Ecuador, while promoting well-being through natural foods that embody the energy and wisdom of nature.

Live the spirit of nature through Samay!

Michelle, Samay’s Founder

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