Taste the powerful energy of Amazon Rainforest through Samay guayusa tea. Guayusa tea is gaining
popularity globally due to its mesmerizing aroma and rich flavour. It has a unique blend of earthy, sweet, and smoky notes for a distinct taste experience. 

Guayusa is an ancestral and sacred plant that has been cultivated by indigenous communities in the amazon rainforest of Ecuador for at least 1500 years. This super leaf is a clean source of energy, has twice the antioxidants of a normal green tea, boosts mental focus and enhances your mood.

Experience the revitalizing power of Samay guayusa tea today – your senses and energy levels will thank you for it! 



Ingredients: 100% Guayusa dry loose leaf, crushed up to 5mm
Harvested by: Huanbula Community
Weight: 100 gr

What makes guayusa tea unique?

  • A healthy alternative to coffee: Unlike coffee, which can often leave you jittery and on edge, guayusa is known for its calming effects, thanks to an amino acid known as L-theanine. By counteracting the stimulant effects of caffeine, guayusa provides a balanced and sustained energy boost without any of the negative side effects.
  • Sustainably cultivated: Guayusa grows naturally in small forest gardens called «Chakras» at the heart of the Amazon rainforest, a unique, rich, and fertile place full of harmony. When you sip a cup of guayusa tea, you are being nurtured by this harmonious and abundant energy of nature.
  • A powerful impact: What makes guayusa more than just a superfood is its potential to create a profound impact in the world. Guayusa is not only a kind and unique food that provides health and wellbeing benefits to consumers, but it also supports the development of indigenous communities by creating multiple sources of employment and income. Furthermore, by planting guayusa, we can help reforest the Amazon. So, make a positive impact on your health, the environment, and indigenous communities by choosing Samay guayusa tea!


By drinking Samay guayusa tea, you are choosing to infuse your body with the energy needed to achieve your wildest dreams. Samay guayusa tea was infused with the intention to awaken your senses and provide you with the clarity and focus necessary to live your best life.

"Take a sip of nature's essence to fuel your body, mind, and soul"

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